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Laurie's Journey | March 17, 2021

Laurie is one of our wellness reps here at Restore. Laurie was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago.

"Today I had my colonoscopy. The nurse asked me all the screening questions prior to the procedure.  Heart disease…. No , diabetes… no, history of asthma… no, cancer….. YES

Ohhh what kind? stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to my liver….   Just completed chemo in Sept 2020. She continued…. stroke? No…. And just like that  what was a devastating  hard chapter of my life was skipped over, just a check mark on a form.

I changed into my oh so familiar blue hospital gown and was wheeled into the surgical room. As the anesthesiologist was going to work on my arm the nurse brought up my cancer diagnosis, the anesthesiologist marveled… wow I would have never guessed… the doctor piped in and said yes I expected you to look much more frail, but you actually look like a health guru.  This is where I got to share my secret… RESTORE.

I shared that since ending chemo in September I had stumbled on a place called Restore Hyper Wellness where the focus is optimal health through holistic approaches. I literally held up the procedure 10 minutes answering questions by my medical team. I told them I do  hyperbaric oxygen treatment to heal my internal damage from chemo, improve my energy and reduce my chemo brain fog, I receive vitamins and nutrients through shots and iv drips since my digestive system is trashed, I use PBM  to treat my hair loss, eye health and neuropathy, and the infrared sauna to detox from the poison of chemo.   All these treatments have  contributed greatly  to my bounce back.  The nurse looked at the doctor and said we need to tell people about this- people need to find this kind of healing! I mean look at her!  She said it!!!!"

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