IV Drip Therapy

Explore our IV Drip menu to find the best way to ensure your body is given the essential nutrients it needs. 


Tier 1 IV Drips

$109 Member | $140 Non-Member


Sun Recovery + Revitalize + Rejuvenate

B-Complex + Glutathione 

Provides energy and supports liver function by eliminating toxic waste to keep you going long after the party is over!


Energize + Fat Loss + Weight Management

B-Complex + L-Carnitine

Helps boost fat burn and sustain energy to compliment all your hard work in the gym and the kitchen!


Energize + Invigorate + Refresh

B12 + B Complex

Our Energize cocktail can help add that pep in your step by supporting energy metabolism.


Detox + Antioxidant

Vitamin C + Glutathione

Promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation, and protects the cells from damage to help you stay mobile.


Tier II Drips

$159 Member | $205 Non-Member

The New Myers

Support Immune Function

B-Complex + Vitamin C (2x) + Trace Elements

The best version of the famous Myers cocktail to promote general wellness and better equip your immune defenses.

Get Set

Strength + Endurance + Stamina

Taurine + L-Carnitine + B-Complex + Glutamine 

Loaded with nutrients you need to boost you up, this cocktail gives you the edge you need to perform your best. 


Restore + Repair + Energize

Proline + Taurine + Vitamin C + Glutathione

Restore energy, promote collagen production, help with muscle and tissue repair, and excretion of metabolic waste. 

Time Rewind

Rejuvenate + Cell Turnover

Taurine + Vitamin C + Biotin + B-Complex

Designed to slow the aging process and aims to increase cell turnover, boost skin, hair, and nails, and reduce inflammation. 


Tier III Drips

$209 Member | $269 Non-Member


Energize + Preventative + Prepare

B12 (2x) + B-Complex (2x) + Taurine (2x) + L-Carnitine (3x)

Get one step closer to feeling like Superman with the ultimate energy booster. Prepare your muscles for an all out adventure! 

Wonder Juice

Anti-Aging + Energize + Rejuvenate

Glutathione + B12 + Biotin + L-Carnitine (2x) + Vitamin C (2x) +Glutamine + B-Complex

Even women warriors need to recharge their batteries. This energizing drip is great for anyone on the go looking to blast through their week!


Tier IV Drips

$259 Member | $329 Non-Member

Immunity Booster

Immunity Support + Detoxify + Overall Wellness

B12 + Vitamin D + Taurine + Trace Elements + Glutathione + Vitamin C (x2)

Are you on the verge of an illness? This cocktail helps you fight back and stay on your feet by enhancing immune system function.

The Allergy Drip

Allergy + Relief

B-Complex + Vitamin C (2x) + Vitamin D + Magnesium + Taurine

This cocktail is designed for the allergy sufferer. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants, histamine blockers and essential nutrients. 

Amplified Beauty

Beauty + Anti-Aging

Vitamin C (2x) + B-Complex + B12 + Biotin + Glutamine + Proline + Lysine + L-Carnitine + Magnesium + Glutathione

Considering this ultimate beauty drip? Glow for it! You won't regret nourishing your body from the inside out.


High Dose IV Drips

Member Price | Non-Member PRice

High Dose Vitamin C

20g Vitamin C $159 | $205

30g Vitamin C $209 | $269

50g Vitamin C $349 | $399

High Dose Glutathione

1200mg Glutathione  $125 | $150​


IV Drip Add-Ons

Add extra boosts to create the ultimate personalized blend

Member Price | Non-Member Price


B-12 (Methylcobalamin)*

Boost energy, regulates mood, helps with oxygen re-uptake

$27 | $36


Master antioxidant, fights damage from stress, helps slow signs of aging

$27 | $36


Supports healthy skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells

$27 | $36


Fat-burning amino acid, supports muscle recovery and athletic performance

$27 | $36


Supports eye health, enhances athletic performance and focus

$27 | $36

D-3 (Calcitriol)

Supports bone health, regulates immune response, helps with hormone balance

$27 | $36


Nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory, helps relieve aches, headaches, and migraines

$27 | $36


Quick acting relief for nausea and vomiting

$27 | $36

Vitamin C

Immune booster, collagen production, wound healing and iron absorption

$27 | $36


Supports skin, hair and nail health and involved in metabolism and adrenal function

$27 | $36


Important in energy and metabolism and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract

$27 | $36


Aids in mood regulation, brain development and function

$27 | $36


Assists in digestive health, muscle recovery, and may curb sugar cravings

$27 | $36


Helps with calcium absorption, promotes bone growth and collagen support

$27 | $36


Important for healing damaged tissue, aiding in muscle recovery and vascular health

$27 | $36

Magnesium Sulfate

Stress and nerve support, calming, relieves migraine and muscle pain

$49 | $69

Trace Elements

Promotes electrolyte balance, immune function, healing and energy level

$49 | $69

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

"Universal antioxidant", energy production, amplify & regenerate Glutathione, Vitamin C & Vitamin D

$49 | $69

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Replenishes the powerful antioxidant, Glutathione, detoxes, improves immune function, and stabilizes blood sugar

$49 | $69

Extra Hydration

500 ML fluids

$49 | $69


IM Shots

Administered intramuscularly

Member Price | Non-Member Price



Energy + Mood

$30 | $40


Fat Burner + Endurance

$30 | $40

IV Drip Menu.png


Headache + Pain Relief 

$30 | $40


Nausea Relief 

$30 | $40


Cardiovascular Health + Energy Production 

$30 | $40

Lipo + B12

Fat Burner + Energy

$49 | $69

Lipo-C + B12

Fat Burner + Energy + Endurance 

$49 | $69

Copy of Untitled.png

Tri-Amino Blend

Energy + Fat Metabolism + Muscle Building + Recovery 

$30 | $40

Copy of Untitled.png


Immunity + Antioxidants

$30 | $40

Vitamin D

Detoxify + Immunity 

$30 | $40

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