NAD+ Therapy

Restore Your DNA


What is NAD+ and what role does it play in our bodies?

NAD+ is a vital coenzyme that is important to a number of biological processes; in fact, our bodies couldn't function without it! It serves as fuel for our cells and plays a role in the conversion of energy, fortifying cell defense systems, maintaining our body's circadian rhythm, and repairing damaged DNA.


How can NAD+ Therapy Help Me?

NAD+ IV therapy will replenish this vital element in your body, and because it's administered directly into your bloodstream, most clients claim the effects are noticeable right away. With optimized levels of NAD+, you'll enjoy a number of benefits like:

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Enhanced Mental Clarity and Performance

NAD+ plays a key role in the health of brain cells. The molecule helps the
production of PGC-1-alpha, a protein that protects brain cells against
mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. This helps prevent diseases
such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, keeping your mind healthy and young.
Additionally, NAD+ IV therapy users often report improvement in
concentration, memory, and overall mood.1,2

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Metabolism and Energy Boost

Chronic fatigue affects thousands of individuals, zapping them of the energy
needed to get through the day. NAD+ has been shown to increase the body’s
production of ATP— the molecule that provides energy to all of the cells within
your body. With every part of your body properly fueled, you should experience
an overall increase in energy and metabolism.

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Pain Reduction and Improvement of Chronic Conditions

Studies have shown that NAD+ supplementation has been effective in relieving
pain and decreasing inflammation. Similarly, NAD+ therapy has been shown to
dramatically reduce symptoms of life-long chronic conditions, allowing those
who have suffered for years to regain strength and vitality.3

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As we age, our bodies naturally begin to produce less and less NAD+.
Unfortunately, this decrease plays a major role in the aging process and has
also been linked to a number of age-related metabolic disorders and
neurodegenerative diseases. Recent studies show promising results in
supplementing the body’s production of NAD+ as a form of anti-aging



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4 Day Loading Dose (500 mg) $1,840 | $2,200
Maintenance Dose (550 mg) $460 | $550
4 Day Loading Dose (750 mg) $2.300 | $2,740
Maintenance Dose (750 mg) $575 | $685


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